This is a great screen capture tool

by Peter Ingman - 16/01/2019 - 16:24

Do you want to use the tools that help the most popular youtubers to create the clips that your kids are watching 24/7

There are plenty of alternatives here, but as I am myself tired of all too many alternatives I am going to give you THE BEST TOOL that are of course free, for free.

Number one right now seem to be:

OBS Studio –

Here’s an review from Techradar

Others in a priority list to check out when you have the time:

  1. Techsmith (Camtasia) – paid version
  2. Bandicam (used by my favorite hateobject and my kids gamer idol, Jack SepticEye) – needs an additional editor though) – stöd finns på svenska
  3. EzVid
  4. TinyTake by mangoapps (seems to me to be the most easy one but also somewhat limited once you get started with doing videos)
  5. Loom
  6. Soapbox by Wistia (a Chrome extension)


Audacity to edit the audio