2BP challenging Bleacher Report

by - 20/08/2017 - 18:05

2BP challenge big established media players such as Bleacher Report (see below) by offering niche media verticals.
With our platform and smart technology, we can create niche verticals that require a minimum of editorial work. In fact sometimes without any editorial resources at all. 
During the European Football Championship in France 2016, we developed a Native Mobile App for Svenska Fans (Every Sport Media Group). The app was launched during the Championship and reached more than 10,000 unique visitors during the short time period the championship was played.
A small editorial group wrote daily articles directly from France sponsored by Carlsberg.
For us this is a good example of how Brand Owned Media can be created and get result. This vertical concept is applicable to many other sports or areas of interest.
Below you can see some screenshots from a similar native mobile application for the English Premier League (in pipeline). The football fans choose which teams to follow and will only get news about the chosen teams.



Bleacher Report